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The above is not an actual mathematical equation, but an illustrative statement that allows you to be prepared for ANY interview!  It is an acronym-like phrase that prompts you to remember TJC’s basic job search theory.

Value = (Need of Yourself * Need of Employer) + (Your Application & Accomplishments) – (Fiscal Cost * Emotional Cost).

The statement has now grown to include both the CANDIDATES and THE HIRING MANAGERS.



Explanation of The Job Course and our system

The written formula that is above is about thirty years old and is the predecessor to the growth and conceptual development of our books, CDs, seminars, websites, coursework, recruiting, one-on-one coaching, and now self-coaching products.

Its’ basic concept is that all candidates must know their Value Statement and Their Personal Story and understand that the actual Talent Acquisition Managers’ have a similar need to protect themselves of not losing their position, job, or title because of a poor hire.

Our process has kept growing to meet the needs of the market, companies, services, charities, new software, and the needs of hiring Authorities. That constant growth became today’s formula, the Personal Marketing Strategy Program©️, which is now even more challenging in today’s use of Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). The ATS now limits you in being able to deliver your information via email. Instead, candidates must use the US Post Office to deliver their information to the CEO, not a piece of software. Mailbox

An ATS now gives all candidates only 2-3 seconds or less of being seen and assessed instead of at least the 20-30 seconds that most human beings will use.

Because of The Job Course, your Value Statements now provide a counter ATS and can help you to get a job in less than 18-30 days, not several months or beyond.

Our process prepares you before you even mail out or talk to anyone at the twenty companies that you have selected, be they small, medium, or large. They will have the facts, details, and results in your PMSP to evaluate you and see the opportunities that you possess.

The TJC program forces YOU TO KNOW who you are, what you bring to a company, what are your strengths, and how you can help those companies that you have chosen. It allows you to “Get Noticed” first.


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