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This post may be emotionally upsetting to some readers.

Why Should You Use our system?

While speaking with a candidate during a break at a volunteer seminar session at one of the local Universities.Lecture Hall

I had been explaining how to get a job in thirty days or less.

This former senior vice president’s wife, Debbie, came up to me and explained that she was worried about her husband. He had been in transition for the last nine months and was now eating his food with his hands only. She also confided in me that she was at the end of her rope as well.

Her husband now had the feelings of exclusion, frustration, anger, disillusionment and, finally, inadequacy and despair which had now overtaken him.

She related that he was once “an enthusiastic and confident guy, now he is almost timid.” She said he spoke to her about the fact that “He can’t even get noticed. He just doesn’t exist anymore.” She also told me that “He had thinking of ending his life, his insurance was more than he was making now.

She explained in tears that she came to the seminar because she could not get him to come. He had given up. 


In my 40 years of coaching, I only had one client/person commit suicide.

This occurred in the beginning of my coaching career, and I have never been able to forget it.

Indeed, we also discus my own feelings when I was dehired and designed our PMSP© system to eliminate that emotional personality trap; that there was no way out.

I had a client call me and she Woman crying on phoneexplained she needed to see me tomorrow at Starbucks. I tried to explain to her, Paulette, that my wife and I were going on our first vacation in six years. As we could not leave since the recruiting and outplacement business was 24/7 and I could no longer accept the personal toll.

Paulette started to cry and sob and explained the problems she was having, which were numerous. My wife and I were leaving for Jamaica at 3:00 PM that afternoon. 

I tried to calm her down, or at least I thought so. I told her, I would call her from the airport in Jamaica as soon as we retrieved our luggage.

Paulette said OK at first, and I knew I could solve her problems, since I knew her boss. He was a disgusting, pompous, arrogant, angry person and had no morals at all.

In fact, when I was recruiting, he asked me to represent him and I said, NO.

I did call her twice upon landing, and several times before having dinner that night. I continued to call for the next several weeks.

I sent emails and used her beeper and phone numbers. I could not get ahold of her.

Suicide pillsFinally, I got a call from her daughter. She informed me that her mother, Paulette, had committed suicide.

While on the phone call I broke down and cried, her daughter said it was not my fault. I still emotionally feel that I could have saved her.

I have never forgotten about Paulette and probably never will.

If you really read through our $5 Introduction, you will see how and why we wrote it, to never have anyone reach that ugly situation again.


After talking to Debbie, she went home and forced Jerry (the SVP) to call me. I allowed him to vent for a while, as he needed to talk it out. I finally asked him if he had been to our website and prepared the documents in our TJC©: GTNJ program.

I asked him if he had at least studied our short Introduction program, which is available for only $5 dollars on our website. His answer was of course, NO. Had he developed a presentation about himself? Again, the answer was NO.

He had continued using his “network” of website submissions and recruiters and was now considering paying a “service” $1,000 to “market” him. When further questioned about the new marketing package proposed by the “service” it was still the traditional “spray and pray” of emailing his resume to anyone out there. He was also considering paying another $5,000 for an “expert” resume and possibly $2,000 for an interactive CD. Yes, you read that correctly: at least $8,000 to do the same old thing he had been doing.

Change or ChanceI have never been able to understand why people refuse to admit when it is time for a change.

After working with Jerry, he got a job for more money and as an EVP in less than 10 DAYS!

While working with another candidate, Al, I decided one day to ask him a strange question:

“Would he change a flat tire for another flat tire, or would he just run on the rim with no tire?”

Of course, he said both of those alternatives would be foolish.

I then asked him why, because that was what he was doing repeatedly and had gotten nowhere with no viable results.

He said he had not thought of trying something else. I was shocked because his answer was not true.

If changing a flat with another flat tire from the trunk was preposterous, then sending out more email resumes, “networking with the wrong people”, and countless online submissions would not work either.

I said that at the beginning of the conversation he had told me what the right thing to do was, and he just was not listening to his own good advice. The sole purpose in transition is “to be noticed”, to get recognized for you and not just as a filler for a job.

Coffee meetingI had Al send an invitation for coffee to people in his former “industry” at an annual convention held in the USA. He had eight coffees, and three offers in less than seven days.

Al had begun his new job less than ten days later.

BEFORE YOU CAN BE INTERVIEWED, YOU MUST FIRST GET NOTICED. Our PMSP© system, “The Job Course”, is built on just that philosophy. Before you can sell anything, you need to get in front of the buyer.

Why do people never buck the old system?

Do not change a flat for a flat!  Do not send out resumes, or even the PMSP products blindly. Research, prepare, target, and act.

A step-by-step guide on how to move from “the herd to be heard!”


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