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The Nine Success IDEAS in any Job or Promotion Interview!

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  1. Always practice every day before you make that 1st call, Interview or follow-up.  

  2. Always think of your Job Search as your JOB! IT IS!

  3. Your Titles do not have real Value in a Job Search. Success does!

  4. Additional extras in a job search offer are not important. The JOB is!

  5. Always research your target companies, their products, turnover rates, and competitors.

  6. ALWAYS send two thank you notes: one e-mail and one snail mail that night before 5:00 PM.

  7. Always smile and look comfortable. Laughing is also GREAT.

  8. Always use a mirror when using Zoom, or other devices. Smile!

  9. Wear clothes that the interviewers wear. Call and find out their business attire.

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