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The Job Course’s Nine Potential Clients

Choosing a career

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Each of these transitionees has very different needs, motivators, and economic realities. We are confident the text, focus, and purview of The Job Course© is powerful, challenging, and motivating enough to serve all nine classifications of transitionees.


  1. Those individuals who are currently employed and who are contemplating a change for a variety of reasons.

  2. Those individuals who are underemployed and who are looking to improve their economic status.

  3. Those individuals who are currently or about to be de-hired

  4. Those candidates who are re-entering the job market

  5. Those candidates who are just entering the job market

  6. The Job Course process and method – candidates who want a prepaid, proactive self-coaching status in transition

  7. Returning veterans, enlisted men, officers, and privately paid prior soldiers

  8. Previously Retired candidates who need some work, Retirement is tough

  9. People who are in the ministry or religious community

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Look at the first
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