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Seven Steps to a Job: Current College Graduates

Seven Steps to a Job

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While working on The Job Course©, we realized that we never gave our Blog Readers a quick easily memorized Seven Steps to a Job in the Covid Environment.

Write down your answers to the below:

  1. Know who you are!
  2. What special ideas, accomplishments, or experiences do you bring to a possible employer.
  3. What volunteer work have you do since you were in middle school?
  4. What are your dream jobs? Yes, plural.
  5. Which product, service, or marketplace most intrigues you?
  6. What is your personal definition of work?
  7. What 5-6 companies would attract you today


Please remember, no one owes you a job or benefits; you must earn them. Work can be difficult, hard, monotonous, or intriguing.  You decide that for yourself. You are not in school anymore, you must be willing to sweat a little, to make the job sweet.

Can you get a job, yes? Are you willing to put in the time looking at you objectively, evaluating your value statement, developing a different way to present yourself, and being able to interview with a smile on your face?

To get a job, you must work with a known product, with apparent usefulness, and a way to join a group with confidence.

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