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So, you have just graduated College! (or are about to) Now you are looking for a Job (or maybe an internship). Join the crowd. Are you frustrated with finding a job? Angry at not having a job already? Embarrassed by your lack of experience? Feeling sorry for yourself? Disgusted with the whole process? Mad at […]

The ONLY Way Resumes Get Noticed Today Has Nothing To Do With You

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According to CNBC, more than 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies use an applicant tracking system. This software streamlines recruiting and helps companies keep up with the thousands of applications they get weekly. But ATS aren’t reserved for large companies. Smaller businesses also use software to scan through resumes. So if you want to get […]

Employer Discrimination: Here’s How To Protect Yourself


Being a recent college grad on the job hunt isn’t easy. You’ve already got the whole “no experience” thing going against you. But, if you’re in a minority group, you’ve got a whole other set of obstacles to overcome. Discrimination is a real challenge. Even though many top companies are vowing to combat discrimination, it […]

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Look at the first
Unit in this course.