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Pomposity: A Broken Plan

Pompous man

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Story: When I was recruiting, Arrogant boss I had a client 15 years ago, turn down a job as a manager of a company with a compensation of $120, 000, and $20,000 in bonuses, all expenses, all travel fully paid, and a new company car with all maintenance included as well as free health program because his wife wanted his title to be a VP;  and, it was not a VP it was a manager’s title.

I spent time with her and him explaining what he was giving up, but they chose a VP’s title at $95,000, a company that had a churn of 70%, and a product that was outdated. He was canned within 6 months.

He called me and I explained to him I would not take him as a candidate again. I would have gotten more of a placement fee in the “worst” company. I always guaranteed my candidates for 18 months which cost me even more.

Please be realistic, think, and weigh the realities.

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