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Perspective on How Your System Really Works!

System Really “Works!”

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Perspective on How your System Really Works!

“Dear Bruce and Pat,

My husband had been an integral part of a well-known global company that he helped develop and grow for over 30 years. Despite his tremendous experience, ultimate dedication, and strong individual traits of integrity, strong moral character, and hard work, he was laid off in a cold methodical manner.  

To say he was demoralized is the ultimate understatement. There was no “thanks” nor appreciation from the company. He felt as if he was lost, and so was his sense of identity and purpose.

For the next 1-1/2 years, he tried to get back into the game pursuing companies in all the old-fashioned ways we are told to do. He thought he knew it all about his network.

He also utilized a $1500 job outplacement service for 1 year to learn how to move forward and go about getting into his next job.

He wrote his resume and tweaked it several times.

He polished his LinkedIn profile. He went to his Tuesday morning Executive Networking meetings. He found perfect job descriptions online and called or uploaded his resume. And waited. Most of the time, he heard nothing back. Sometimes he received an automated rejection letter, which he joked that at least he knows he still exists.

Nothing was panning out. His attitude was sinking, and hopelessness set in. As our life savings were disappearing quickly, worry and anxiety became the norm. It was a tough road and getting rockier.

Then at a “Job Fair”, I heard yours and Pat’s presentation on your unconventional The Job Course approach. I told my husband that this was different from anything else we were hearing. At first, he was reluctant (very reluctant!), but eventually, he went to the free sample lesson on your website.

He was impressed with your unique ideas and “went for it.” Your site gave both of us a large dose of your candor and did not sugar coat the truth.

Your site was his coach and his mentor and gave him much food for thought. You showed him with words, examples, and templates. At first, he thought you guys were “genuinely” crazy, CONTRARIAN, but that was what he needed.

He did it, with his own customized proprietary touch. Day after day, I could watch his transformation.

He was just rewarded with an incredible offer for an Executive level position (over countless numbers of other candidates!), one that truly outweighs the place he had originally left.

Thank you, Bruce, and Pat for allowing the Job Course to lead my husband back to life and giving him the tools to successfully Get Noticed, Get Interviewed, Get That Next Job. We knew that the new site was for allegedly College Graduates, but my husband never graduated from college. The site was his transition compass.

I got my husband back, using your course, at his speed, and recharging his engines. Bruce, Pat, and Drew your new site has ultimately changed our lives more than you will ever know. I had a front-row seat to see firsthand that your brilliant approach absolutely works. As I write this, I do have tears in my eyes.

With genuine and sincere thanks,

~ Deb”

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