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Noble Horses and the Job Search

Learning to Ride

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Why is it that noble horses are like a Job Search?

Actually, the better question is how are a job search and riding horses for the first time very much the same, or at least very much alike?

Yes, you read it correctly. I must have gotten too deep once too often, and I am a terrible swimmer. I am not afraid of pools, oceans, or lakes, but I prefer to stay around chest high when I am on a vacation.

Take a moment to see what you come up with. Please write your ideas down. With the one example we have given you, do you see the similarities yet? Would you call that emotion or concept? Why?

What is the analogy that we are looking for? Does it make sense or is it still out in left field?

Ok, another hint. What does the Harvey program do in our job search?

One more hint, what are one of the three-five basic needs that you must find out about the companies you choose?

Here are our answers that we came up with:

  1. You will fall off the horse.
  2. You will be frightened enough not to even get on the horse.
  3. You will be able to sit on the animal, but not ride for a long time the first time.
  4. You will be embarrassed in front of the trainer as an adult who cannot ride.
  5. The union that you felt between you and the horse was just not there.


Don’t all those answers sound very similar to a job search, interviewing, and acceptance of a job?

The first 3 months are usually great, the last 15 months can be nearly impossible. Yes, can usually hide for three months, but once you have found out where the bathrooms, break room, and skeletons are the love affair may be over.

You take the time to learn about horses, what they are like, what they expect from you, and how they help you be successful when you ride them. What do you want from the horse before you get in the saddle?

Sound familiar now? Job hunting is exactly the same.

Who are you? Who are they? How does the company, treat their employees, vendors, and clients? What do they expect from you? What and when is the definition of successful?

Business TrapsWe at The Job Course know what you are concerned about the new company over selling you. We know how you can demonstrate what you bring to any company you choose to join.

But as I said above, all is great for a short time. There could be traps, jealousies from co-workers, skeletons in the closets, zombies, or actual straight shooters and no arrows are aimed at the target on your back.

There are no guarantees, warranties, or promises, However, your study of the companies that you have chosen is vital to your future. Research the competitors, products, services, and any new product developments. LinkedIn is a great source for prior employees. Talk to them.

Great Hunting!


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