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Job Training

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Be sure to ask about and get a written copy of all job training, products, clients, vendors, competitors, and salespeople. You should have a list of those people with whom you are going to have regular contact.

Where is the training at, when is it, how long is it, and is it broken into sessions (weekly or monthly)?

Will you receive materials to read first via email, your business computer, your personal computer, audio/video, and any brief testing before you confirmed as a new hire?

Are you expected to score above a certain number at pretraining? Or can the company rescind your offer? What are their concerns for sales, software, and communications?

When I took product training, during the war of 1812, I did not make the cut with a passing rate requirement of 75%. Testing is great but personal contact is far more important. In fact, when I first came to that particular publisher, I failed the test.

In some industries, they still have a cut point after training.

Listen carefully to all the requirements.


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