What are your personal obligations as a candidate before you launch into your Job Search?


What are your personal obligations as a candidate before you launch into your Job Search? Write answers to the following: Your complete Job Description. (If necessary, use our site and the web to get examples.) Your Career or Collegiate Story Your Compensation Program (salary.com) Your 7-9 Professional Attributes Your 3-5 Professional and College Accomplishments Your Volunteer or […]

Writing Difficulties and the Realistic Truth

Writing Difficulties

I never could understand why people who spent time, two to five years, in the gulag called “College” often froze, especially when they had to write or discuss anything about themselves. Hey, you graduated! You had enough credits to get your diploma. A piece of paper is pushing you out into the real world. Now […]

Family vs YOU! It’s not maturity, rather the courage to believe in yourself

No Courage Already Lost

When graduating from high school, you are usually very closely tied to your family unit. When you go off to college, your unit changes. Your 4–5-year exposure to other people from other families and to the routine of the school calendar will change you. I started out wanting to be a design engineer, since I […]

How to Land a Dream Job, Even If You’re Not Sure What You Want

dream job

“I’ve recently graduated and I’m not very excited about my career choices. I’ve spent all this time and money to earn a degree. What should I do?” Friend, I see you…and totally feel you. I’ve pursued several different career fields in my day: Graphic design Marine biology Social work Personal fitness training Counseling Unlike you […]