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Emotions Are High Right After Termination


It is vital that we do not blame ourselves for the termination/bankruptcy of the company. In this situation we all immediately become salespeople. You are now selling YOU: your ability, experiences, successes, drive, curiosity, and commitment. Remember, you must know yourself. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Some sales call work, others don’t. It […]

Get Back Up and Win

Fall down

Your most important task in finding a job is knowing WHO you are. Unlike other sites, we focus on Introspection, first!  The section just mentioned above, which you will complete before you even consider starting your job search, will guarantee you the job that you want. All this information will be completed before you launch your search. This […]

The Truth? Only YOU can choose a new job … or Hades.

Truth meter

Notice to the Reader This post may be emotionally upsetting to some readers. Why Should You Use our system? While speaking with a candidate during a break at a volunteer seminar session at one of the local Universities. I had been explaining how to get a job in thirty days or less. This former senior […]


Free Yourself from Work

This was originally written in 1989. It was written as a tool to help me understand my circumstances as a recent dehiree, as I was about to embark on a position as a career counselor with a major outplacement firm. I have modified it below to fit all dehirees. ——————— Now, having endured an interminable period […]



The above is not an actual mathematical equation, but an illustrative statement that allows you to be prepared for ANY interview!  It is an acronym-like phrase that prompts you to remember TJC’s basic job search theory. Value = (Need of Yourself * Need of Employer) + (Your Application & Accomplishments) – (Fiscal Cost * Emotional […]

If You Are Told NO, Get Back Up and Win

Building blocks

Your most important task in finding a job is knowing WHO you are. This requires you to participate. Talk to yourself. Just thinking about who you are, were, and will be, will not work. Salespeople have catalogs, glossy sheets, seminars, and sales training before they start to make calls. When I left teaching and the […]

The Job Course’s Nine Potential Clients

Choosing a career

Each of these transitionees has very different needs, motivators, and economic realities. We are confident the text, focus, and purview of The Job Course© is powerful, challenging, and motivating enough to serve all nine classifications of transitionees.   Those individuals who are currently employed and who are contemplating a change for a variety of reasons. […]

Family vs YOU! It’s not maturity, rather the courage to believe in yourself

No Courage Already Lost

When graduating from high school, you are usually very closely tied to your family unit. When you go off to college, your unit changes. Your 4–5-year exposure to other people from other families and to the routine of the school calendar will change you. I started out wanting to be a design engineer, since I […]

Where Did The Program Start and Where Is It Going? (2007)

The Tea Party

As I was speaking to a client about our process recently — and trying to explain our philosophy & methodology, I found the perfect analogy or example. Finally, after seven years of saying and thinking that our Personal Marketing Strategy Program© methodology was contrarian, I finally figured out that we were not. We are not […]

Perspective on How Your System Really Works!

System Really “Works!”

Perspective on How your System Really Works! “Dear Bruce and Pat, My husband had been an integral part of a well-known global company that he helped develop and grow for over 30 years. Despite his tremendous experience, ultimate dedication, and strong individual traits of integrity, strong moral character, and hard work, he was laid off […]

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