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Got A Flat Tire?

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Got A Flat Tire?

While writing another blog today, this thought floated through my brain, if it is still there, from my old seminar days.

Are you doing what you were taught for 50 to 75 years, just send a resume via email and therefore add it to the pile of rejections. It is the truth. Do you want to receive a phone call from the company you are applying to or are you just keeping yourself busy, and using the “prayer method” of a  job search, circa, 1950?

Answer these questions below.

If you climbed up on a diving board on vacation and just as you were about to launch yourself into the pool, you noticed that the pool was empty, would you jump?

If you had a flat tire and after opening the trunk and got out the spare you saw it was flat as well, would you change tires?

If you were driving in a near blinding snowstorm, would you speed up to get home faster? People do.

If you were out fishing and had to filet the fish you caught, would you be careful to remove the bones first or just eat the filet raw?

Would you use a wine glass to drive in a nail if there were no hammers around?

Obviously, the answers are no.

Well, if you are about to drive to an interview with the company you have researched for your perfect job, would you need directions, the car keys, fuel in the car, being properly dressed and shined shoes?

Yes, but enough with the old approaches to a Job Search. This is almost 2022, the world of employment has changed, and we have algorithms now.

Do not send your Personal Marketing Materials by email. That action of emailing will give you less than 1-2 seconds to get Noticed. The Job Course’s way gets you NOTICED in 10-60 SECONDS.

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