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Your most important task in finding a job is knowing WHO you are. Unlike other sites, we focus on Introspection, first!  The section just mentioned above, which you will complete before you even consider starting your job search, will guarantee you the job that you want. All this information will be completed before you launch your search.

This requires that you must put all this information in writing. You are your guide to what you want, need, and will be happy with during the search, the interviews, and the job offer.

Just thinking about who you are, were, and will be will not work. Salespeople have catalogs, glossy sheets, seminars, and sales training before they start to make calls.

When I left teaching and the classroom, I did so because my 2nd and 3rd jobs paid more than my teaching job.  I loved what I was doing, seeing kids in the 7th–9th grade smile and say to themselves, yes, they got it. That smile was worth thousands of dollars. Too bad I could not spend it.

When I got trained as a sales rep, I understood what and who I was and how I would be able to explain the products that I was presenting. I was lucky. I ended up selling at the beginning of my sales career, books that I had used when I was teaching. That is what I’m asking you to do. Present who, what, and how you fit into the companies that you choose.

Two people in an elevatorUnfortunately, when we’re in an interview or conversation or even in an elevator with the hiring manager, we get tongue-tied. It happens to all of us.

Your ownership of our suggestions is required for you to be successful during a period of “Get Noticed, Get Interviewed, and Get HIRED” and reduce your, and the interviewer’s, stress as well!

The reason that we have asked you to do this is because our program allows you to work at your own speed, we purposely made our site self-coaching to help you develop your marketing and sales campaign.

The reason that we wrote the PMSP© program was that we intended the program for our subscription clients to be able to help them find themselves. The information that you will learn about writing who you are will allow you to succeed.

The information that is about you is based on Harvey (one of our introspection tools), your written job description, and your personal research and study of the potential companies that you will choose in this challenging marketplace.

All this writing is necessary, but it will make the job search process work for you. Each mailing, each conversation, will make you stronger.

This is like learning to ride a bike with training wheels and then have them taken off. If you do fall and get up at least three to five times you will succeed. Our program is based on your comfort. You are still sweating about your job search, but you will know who you are and will be.

We know this is a contrarian method, but it works. You can get a job in days, not weeks or months.

The stories we use are real with more than 50 years being successful. The real question is are you willing to do the work to get a job?

We know the process works.  Are you willing to do the work? If not, then you are using the wrong Job site.

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