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Emotions Are High Right After Termination


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It is vital that we do not blame ourselves for the termination/bankruptcy of the company. In this situation we all immediately become salespeople. You are now selling YOU: your ability, experiences, successes, drive, curiosity, and commitment.

Remember, you must know yourself. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Some sales call work, others don’t. It is the same with career choices now. Welcome to the TJC: S.A.L.E.S. 101©.

What to expect immediately after a de-hire or separation?

You will emotionally feel defeated and worthless. If you do not; you most likely need to talk it out with someone you trust.

We are all human, which means when we get de-hired, fired, or discharged we grow concerned about ourselves and our family.

It is important that you face your emotions, share them with people you love and trust, and chronicle them if necessary. Write that scathing angry letter that I talk about on our websites. IT must be written, but never MAILED. Place it in your underwear drawer and forget about it. Then you can MOVE on immediately.

Now you will feel fresh and confident about any new opportunity. 

Welcome to your new job

You have become a professional straight-commission sales representative. We are capable of transcending that normal fear or embarrassment of being in transition or a de-hiree.

Feeling depressed

We must break through to the courage that we all possess. The truth is that there is no ideal, no perfection. We all make mistakes in choosing a prior job and company. After de-hire the most common mistake we all make, however, is the psychological positioning that we worked so hard to choose the old company.

Since we all will, by our very nature, miss the skeletons in the closets when choosing almost any company for the alleged “long haul.” We will always be less than perfect. Our judgment is not a mistake but an elaborate attempt by the company to cover it up by the company, or to blame ourselves. Blaming ourselves is great, but it is also debilitating.

There is always life after Transition

The real question is how long do we wait? Your most important thought should be relief, the pain is over! There is always life after your last assignment.

With our PMSPÓ program you will find the process to go out and find that new work life with verve, not feel guilt or blame; and a renewed desire to succeed.

The TJC course is designed to be an interactive, self-coaching, planning career tool and as such requires your very active dedicated participation.

I wish there were secrets that I could promise or share. I wish there were spells or incantations that I could perform, but the “truth is”, there are none. The work of transition is HARD.

Our organization, determination, preparation, exercises, questionnaires, examples, checklists, and even our monthly blogs allow you to make the right decisions yourself. They are presented to help prepare you for the targeting, selection, interviewing, negotiations, and processes of Transition.

Getting a new job

These processes and examples, PFDs, are and were designed by TJC© to allow you to get to know you, “your product”, better. Through these exercises, you will be able to present “you” considering your ACP, not just dates and tasks. The risk reduction discussions are designed to help you help the prospective employer reduce their risk of hiring and increase your chances for interview and, ultimately, employment.

The major function of the PMSP is to illustrate to our candidates our approach to getting them noticed. Using the PMSP, our candidates get in front of a limited number of carefully selected targeted companies in a coordinated attack at least six times over an 18-day period.

The process does not ensure you are hired, but it will get you heard (or at least noticed). The rest depends on how compelling a CIP you build and how well you adhere to the PMSP approach. It is up to you.

As we will say often, all the content is presented and written in sales parlance. You need to always focus on that you are a salesperson now. You will be until you are no longer in transition.

You are now selling for YOU, Inc.

Our purpose today is:

  1. To help our self-coaching candidates withstand the emotional, fiscal, and familial battles of the job search world. Those crises are as compelling in the “good” times of plentiful opportunities, as they are debilitating in a “buyers” market for employment.
  2. To facilitate our candidate’s and clients’ HA (hiring authorities) in the actual hiring process (HP). (Preparation, interview, negotiations and ultimately getting hired).
  3. To give guidance to our candidates who have become or will become managers and to arm them with interview tools, procedures, and processes to do that job; most especially to understand the imperative of distinguishing between the “paper candidate” and the person they are charged with interviewing and hiring.


Candidate Information Program©

People Hire People, Not Paper!

The CIP© allows you to separate out the Paper Candidate from the

Accomplished Professional. It is designed to make your Candidate Information Program inclusionary, NOT exclusionary.

This system is equally effective whether you are currently employed or a candidate in transition. You can choose the sequence of how you deliver the information about you. but we recommend you use the PMSP© order.

These information materials are to be sent to your target market by snail mail.

The CIP allows you to separate the Real Candidate from the Paper Candidate. It allows you to present the accomplished professional from an “also-ran”.

*The copyright privilege allows you to copy only for your personal use. All other uses are to be cleared with TJC prior to actualization.

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