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What are your personal obligations as a candidate before you launch into your Job Search?


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What are your personal obligations as a candidate before you launch into your Job Search?

Write answers to the following:

  1. Your complete Job Description. (If necessary, use our site and the web to get examples.)
  2. Your Career or Collegiate Story
  3. Your Compensation Program (
  4. Your 7-9 Professional Attributes
  5. Your 3-5 Professional and College Accomplishments
  6. Your Volunteer or Charity history while in school.
  7. Your financial Contribution to your College education.
  8. Your major and minor in school.
  9. Which course did you like best? Why?
  10. Where in the world would you like your 1st or new job to be? Why?

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Helpful Tips

This simple blog is about 80% of what you need to know about yourself to begin to think of organizations, companies, or product lines for your 1st, 2nd, or new job.

There really are no secrets to finding the right place other than allowing yourself to have a long conversation with yourself. The only secret is to WRITE the information down on paper, scratched into a desk, or scribbled on your walls at home. Sorry, I could not help writing something funny in this difficult period in your life. Laughter is best while you are in a Job Transition.

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Look at the first
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