Here are 8 crazy ways for you to get noticed, some have been used in the last 15 years as the job markets have fluctuated severely.

  1. You can always use a sandwich board and stay in front of a business building or walk in traffic all day facing the traffic.
  2. You can stand on a wooden box on the corner and sing and dance.
  3. You can walk nearly naked covering your appropriate parts with a cloth that has your name, degree, and phone # on the front and rear.
  4. You can hand out special résumés to everyone in a suit and/or nice business clothing.
  5. You can read the speeches of the CEO in front of their company.
  6. You can deliver a cup of coffee for the CEO. Except in the cup, you have an interesting description of you to the receptionist. Obviously in a business suit.
  7. You can sit in the reception area reading a book, and say nothing, and when finally asked by the receptionist if s/he can help you, hand her an envelope for the CEO.
  8. You can send another cup of what looks like coffee and leave a note inside about you.


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By the way, all these above have been used. They all worked.