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Benefit Programs

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Benefits Programs can tell you more about the company than all the interviews, meals, and treatment prior to an offer. One of the most often forgotten parts of the Job Offer is what kind of Benefit system are you allowed?

It is not just health care, but what the company pays and what you pay. If the company/organization pays the total amount that is great but find out what the total amount means.

Read or ask for the particulars. Does it cover the totality of the doctors’ and dental visits or emotional problems, specialists, x-rays, prescription medications, hospitalization, how many days, glasses, hearing aids, and medical devices that you may need.   

I had joined one company in my youth that allegedly had a great plan, but the cost exceeded the personal plan that I purchased. The company was using your payment to fund the company’s packaged plan.

One of the best ways to measure the honesty and veracity of any employer’s offer letter is how they treat health benefits. When I was coaching, I found a company that allowed the employees to buy into Aflac.  No company investment.

Please understand, that compensation is one thing, but if you have to pay x dollars per month for great coverage, subtract that from monthly or bimonthly paycheck. If you are asked to pay more than a given number of dollars of the cost, possibly you should rethink the offer.

There is one other thought if the offer has Right to Work clauses in the first five parts of the offer, measure that against your feeling if this is a good company to join.

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