The above is not an actual mathematical equation, but an illustrative statement that allows you to be prepared for ANY interview!  It is an acronym-like phrase that prompts you to remember TJC’s basic job search theory. Value = (Need of Yourself * Need of Employer) + (Your Application & Accomplishments) – (Fiscal Cost * Emotional […]

If You Are Told NO, Get Back Up and Win

Building blocks

Your most important task in finding a job is knowing WHO you are. This requires you to participate. Talk to yourself. Just thinking about who you are, were, and will be, will not work. Salespeople have catalogs, glossy sheets, seminars, and sales training before they start to make calls. When I left teaching and the […]

Pomposity: A Broken Plan

Pompous man

Story: When I was recruiting, I had a client 15 years ago, turn down a job as a manager of a company with a compensation of $120, 000, and $20,000 in bonuses, all expenses, all travel fully paid, and a new company car with all maintenance included as well as free health program because his […]

The Nine Success IDEAS in any Job or Promotion Interview!

Waiting professionals

Always practice every day before you make that 1st call, Interview or follow-up.   Always think of your Job Search as your JOB! IT IS! Your Titles do not have real Value in a Job Search. Success does! Additional extras in a job search offer are not important. The JOB is! Always research your target […]

The Job Course’s Nine Potential Clients

Choosing a career

Each of these transitionees has very different needs, motivators, and economic realities. We are confident the text, focus, and purview of The Job Course© is powerful, challenging, and motivating enough to serve all nine classifications of transitionees.   Those individuals who are currently employed and who are contemplating a change for a variety of reasons. […]

Eagle Scout

Eagle Scout

Do you know you need a job during your transition from school to work? Always, VOLUNTEER somewhere during your school years. Especially in your last two years. By doing so, you show what you would be like after you are hired! It is not the volunteering, the extra part-time job, or caring about others. It […]

The Fly and the Zipper

Big Presentation

Face-to-Face Interviewing for a job in today’s unique environment can force you to face many funny and negative issues that have happened to me or my clients over the last 45 years. “The Fly” caught me as I was about to present a large purchase of law books to the senior members of a major […]

What are your personal obligations as a candidate before you launch into your Job Search?


What are your personal obligations as a candidate before you launch into your Job Search? Write answers to the following: Your complete Job Description. (If necessary, use our site and the web to get examples.) Your Career or Collegiate Story Your Compensation Program (salary.com) Your 7-9 Professional Attributes Your 3-5 Professional and College Accomplishments Your Volunteer or […]

Top 11 Questions to Ask About Office Location

Modern Office 2022

Here are the top 11 questions about office location you should ask when job searching: Will you have a parking spot or area when you arrive at work? Are your expenses paid for by the employer? How often are you expected to be in the office and currently because of the pandemic many people are […]

Noble Horses and the Job Search

Learning to Ride

Why is it that noble horses are like a Job Search? Actually, the better question is how are a job search and riding horses for the first time very much the same, or at least very much alike? Yes, you read it correctly. I must have gotten too deep once too often, and I am […]