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Bruce Dreyfus

Bruce S. Dreyfus: Founder, Partner, Author   

Bruce S. Dreyfus has spent nearly the last 50 years in the talent acquisition, outplacement, consulting, recruiting, and career planning arenas. Of that, he has spent the last 20 years working as a personal transition coach.

His prior professional career encompassed distinct-yet-related career paths: teaching literature in high school, sales of different types of school and Law books, sales training/sales management, and small business consulting. In the past, Bruce has owned a very successful recruiting company for ten years. He was an Executive Vice President of sales in three different industries before starting Transition Compass, LLC in 2002.

Bruce has written various articles on sales management, and obviously Transition and De-hiring. He has also been quoted in newsletters, periodicals, and newspapers. His books (2004-2008) have become the basis of two websites. Bruce also has written for several other websites as well as creating our new site During his time in Talent Acquisition, Bruce has served as a sought-after motivational speaker when it comes to all topics related to Job Transition.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master of Educational Administration. He taught English Literature and Social Sciences for several years before embarking on a successful sales and coaching career. He has also earned a certificate as a Certified Outplacement Consultant.

As a former sales professional, Bruce understands how to get you noticed, interviewed, and, more importantly, how to help his candidates negotiate the best compensation package for themselves while securing that next job and close for JOB.

Bruce’s philosophy—his basic mission statement as a transition methodology coach—is “results, not just another transition concern.” Likewise, “candidates, not merely resumes,” sums up his vision of coaching, mentoring, and consulting in this COVID era of Job Transition. His step-by-step marketing approach for candidates, using his Personal Marketing Strategy Program©, helps our candidates stand out from the herd in today’s highly competitive job-search environment. Do you want to walk on water, or do you want to carry a life jacket? Our system is that life jacket.

The PMSP© system helps to ensure three things in any candidate’s transition mode: That our candidates will always be prepared for Job Placement. Each  will  “know who they are”, “what they want”, and “how to stand out” in today’s peculiar marketplace. At all the steps in hiring they will be comfortable explaining and demonstrating how they will increase the “reward of hire” and reduce “risk of hire” for any hiring authority.

Bruce has spent most of his life, since he was 20 years old and teaching fulltime doing job volunteer transition presentations for various northeastern State Departments’ of Career of Management.

He also spent significant time volunteering at Men’s and Women’s Prisons and Reform schools teaching how to convert from seeing themselves valueless to well-trained Candidates, with the knowledge of who they were and what they could bring any employer.

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To reach Bruce, or our main office, please call 770-826-2218.

Drew Dupont

Andrew (Drew) Dupont: Managing Partner, Agent, Author, Development of Transition Compass, LLC and The Job Course, LLC

It is with great pleasure that we announce that a computer expert with whom we have worked with for over 10 years has accepted the position of co-owner and COO of all the Intellectual Property of Transition Compass, LLC. and the title of COO and owner of The Job Course, LLC.

Drew has, over the last 10 years, developed my products, websites, books, and other written materials and has become the administrator of all our products, both prior existing and new. With Drew’s help, suggestions, advice, and technology abilities we have been able to launch our new The Job Course, LLC, GetThatNextJob, Inc, and a potential release off our updated book Personal Marketing Strategy Program© relatively soon. Our product called Ramblings from the Herd© will be published on other sites as a vehicle to engage in advertising for our new site.

Drew has a unique background and vast experience in technical consulting, software (desktop, server, and online) development, technical support for SMB and individuals, and helping struggling authors with both free and paid sites.

His education includes a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Indiana University and is knowledgeable in the following languages: C/C++/Objective-C, LISP, Java, Perl, SQL, ColdFusion, PHP, HTML/CSS/XML/Javascript, plus many more.

His working experience includes: Consultant for IBM Global Services, Lead Developer and Systems/Network Administrator for Bostech Corp, Lead Developer and Systems/Network Administrator for Home Data Source, Owner of NetWhiz Consulting.

Drew recommended that the best way to allow prospective clients to make a choice about our self-coaching program is by giving access to our first Lesson for free.

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To reach Drew, or our main office, please call 404-913-1534.

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