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There Are Only 5 Things More Agonizing and Terrifying Than a Job Interview


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There are only 5 things more agonizing and terrifying than a Job Interview:

  1. Being in court as a defendant, in a mistaken identity case
  2. A bad debt letter just after you were terminated from a job that day
  3. An electrical outage on the warmest or coldest evening in the year
  4. A letter from the IRS at any time
  5. An eviction notice because of nonpayment of rent


All the above can be fixed by preparation, planning, and prior discussion.


That is the purpose of our new The Job Course!

So too, can an interview with study and research of the CEO, market, product, service, competitors, compensation, and The Practice of Interviewing.

The best analogy we can use is that when you were a year or two old, you did not really speak, eat, crawl, walk, or dress yourself. And the other, well, we will not discuss that here.  

Practicing, researching about the target companies, and reviewing the most important parts of an interview before you attend does not make it perfect. However, it does make the chore, your fear, and any unseen obstacles easier.

Practice does not make perfect.

But it allows you to perform at a real interview. Remember the more you interview the more it becomes a conversation.

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