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18 Genius Job Search Hints

Job Search

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Study and review who you are in a written document, not a résumé. Build and write your first outreach material, not a résumé. Be sure to include a story about you, your skills, experiences, etc. Test it on a friend, spouse, parent, or professor. Study the market, product, and/or service that you like most. Build a list of those companies.

Here are 18 Trusty Job Search Hints:

  1. Get Noticed by the actual Hiring Manager who has a budget.
  2. Get Interviewed:
    1. Who you are
    2. What you bring
    3. Your Return on Investment
  3. Have a mirror where you are seated on video or audio call. Smile!
  4. Take control of the interview with one question
  5. Have a note pad available and ask if it is ok to take notes
  6. Ask for the job three times:
    1. With the above 1st first question
    2. During the interview
    3. Just after it
  7. Get That Job if you know you want it:
    1. Close for a decision while you are there: When do I start?
  8. Send, via email, a thank you note before 6 pm THAT DAY
  9. Send, via snail mail, a thank note the next day
  10. Follow-up: Call 3 days after interview
  11. Ask for introduction or from interviewer to competition or others via LinkedIn. Yes, it works > 50% of the time
  12. Stay in touch at least once per month
  13. Keep a log of new accomplishments, skills, or experiences
  14. Personal: Make a list of what you did not like about the workspace
  15. Go back to update your presentation materials
  16. Restart again
  17. Be Patient
  18. Have Positive attitude, YOUR product is great
80-90% of our TJC students succeed in 5-18 days, not months or years. This is a lot of work, hard work, while you are in a Job Search but you will soon be employed.

Have confidence, enjoy the process and what you can learn for these experiences.

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