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12 Interesting Communication Strategies for Contacting the C Suite

Communication Strategies

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Use the following communication strategies when contacting a prospective C Suite Executive:
    1. Use your job search e-mail address and phone #, not your personal e-mail..
    2. Do not use your zip code on your mailed materials.
    3. Do not mention your church activities, marital status, or citizenship.
    4. Always link to LinkedIn. It could be your best advertising vehicle.
    5. Discuss your attributes.
    6. Use # or bullets for each item. Makes you look professional.
    7. Always discuss or identify basic and advanced skill sets.
    8. Discuss extra courses that you have taken.
    9. Discuss your successes, volunteer work (not religious), school activities, summer jobs, honors, and certificates of achievements.
    10. If it is not applicable to the company’s needs leave it out.
    11. Describe who you are, what you want and why.
    12. Describe why you sent this to the CEO (Company and CEO’s speeches or writing).

Never discuss your failures unless you discuss your solutions to them openly.

Follow the companies that will make you proud, products that are great, and the company’s interest in the communities and employees.

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